Brebbia: the Romanesque church of SS. Peter and Paul

The village of Brebbia is located near Ispra (Lake Maggiore, east side), more or less halfway between the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso and the Fortress of Angera (9 km), which is why a visit can easily be inserted into a tour of eastern Lake Maggiore.

The picturesque church enchants everyone with its beauty and location within a bright and airy square surrounded by trees and pretty structures. Originally inhabited by the Romans for its strategic position as a crossroads linking the north with the important gateway to Sesto Calende, in the Middle Ages Brebbia was awarded the title of “mother church” (pieve) and its lands stretched far and wide.

The beautiful church which you see today was built in the 12th century, replacing an older building. There have been a few subsequent changes, including in the 17th century the replacement of the wooden ceiling with brick vaults. In addition to the fanciful Romanesque capitals that adorn various parts of the church, the visitor cannot remain indifferent to the rich series of late medieval frescoes.

Of great interest is the great number of fresco paintings on the south wall dedicated to the Passion of Christ.
You can visit the archeological remains of the original church, located down a stairway near the main apse.