Church of San Tommaso (11th century)

(10 min. by car from Orta)

This little secluded church lies in Briga Novarese.
A real jewel for true art lovers, it dates back to the 11th century!

Inside some frescoes are still visible today: in the apse the Virgin Mary wearing the maphorion veil, her hands raised in the traditional gesture of prayer, stands in the centre flanked by eight apostles.

Two other saints are placed on either side of the apse: Giulio and Giuliano, the two most venerated saints in the territory of Lake Orta.

It’s truly amazing that these frescoes have survived: for many centuries the church was neglected and fell into such decline that a hundred years ago its slender unsafe campanile had to be demolished. Sadly it was never rebuilt.
Some Roman elements, all local to this area, are housed inside the church.