Gemonio: the church of San Pietro

Only a few kilometres from Laveno Mobello (Lake Maggiore) lies the small town of Gemonio: here, just outside the centre, is this Romanesque church, erected perhaps - according to an ancient legend - by the Langobards in the eighth century.
It stands at the end of a romantic path, among trees and flowers.

St. Pietro's is worth a visit for its excellent state of preservation, the wealth of late medieval frescoes - the subject of accurate, recent restoration - and the presence of a rare, ancient altar, made for the original church, with red decorations on pale lime in the form of stars, crosses and squares, the mysterious meaning of which relates in part to a time of pre-Christian symbology.

Having belonged for a long time to the monastery of St. Pietro in Ciel d'Oro of Pavia, the church of Gemonio finally went to the diocese of Como.
In the seventeenth century it lost the title of parish church of Gemonio, replaced by a newer and central church (S. Rocco): because of this it has remained untouched ever since!

A visit is really worthwhile, even if only for the magical atmosphere of peace and meditation.