Massino Visconti

(35 min. by car from Orta)

This lovely village (1100 inhabitants) with great views on Lake Maggiore is traditionally considered the cradle of the powerful Visconti family which, for a long time in the middle ages, ruled the dukedom of Milano.

Walking through its picturesque paved lanes we will admire the imposing old Castle (private), the little church of S. Michele with its curiously leaning bell-tower and adventurous history (inside is found a gorgeous series of late medieval frescoes), the parish church from whose inner court you will enjoy a fantastic view of the lake and the charming little chapel dedicated to the Madonna of Loreto. The old centre of Massino still houses many picturesque corners of bygone times.

Only cars and small buses can reach the isolated Eremo (Hermitage) di S. Salvatore, founded around the year 1000 on the hill overlooking Massino Visconti, in a scenic wood of birches.
Here you’ll enjoy spectacular views of Lake Maggiore and its southern gentle hills.