This pleasant little town, inhabited since pre-Roman times, faces directly onto the lake and boasts one of the most captivating views of Isola di San Giulio.

Its short but picturesque lakeside promenade is worth a visit, you can reach it easily driving along the west shore or even by motorboat from Orta San Giulio in around 15 minutes.

An easy, scenic stroll will take you to one of the most ancient and puzzling churches of this area, San Filiberto, unique in Italy in that it is the only church dedicated to this French saint! Important archaeological discoveries have recently been made. Additionally, if you like walking, an hour’s gentle wander will bring you to an old, isolated lake-side village, a handful of simple stone houses, where time really seems to have stood still!

No shops, no modern facilities, only a restful, magical silence and a stunning setting from which nature-lovers can watch the nearby colony of cormorans!